The Journey towards being #FinallySajors

I never thought that I will write a blog and even dedicate a page for this topic, but I think I am really getting there.. On my road to being Mrs. Jacklord Sajor. ❤

I think I have to create this blog to share to you, my fellow dreamers, stone hearted friends, that all of us are to set to experience something good in our lives, whether or not we are prepared for it, as long as the time is right.

The saying was right, “kapit lang bes. darating din yan.” Haha.

And since this has been the longest event preparation I’ve ever handled, and organized alone, I think its best to share it with the world.

Aside from the forever dream, and the quest to being Mrs Sajor, I also have 3 major objectives:

  1. To achieve a simple, but elegant wedding on a budget.
  2. To support local artists and suppliers
  3. To create one of the most beautiful events in the world, atleast to my audience.

Now I welcome you to the wonderful and crazy world of love and marriage shenanigans.

***UPDATE as of June 6, 2017***

We are officially on our day 1 of our 90 days left towards being civilly married. Yes we are doing the civil wedding this year, and how we came with the decision is elaborated in a separate entry. Today, we also officially start on the details of the civil wedding preps, which feels stressful as well, like how we started planning the church wedding. But since I know what to do already, not to mention I have started to prepare weeks back, plotting-in details for the civil wedding seems to be so simpler this time.

***UPDATE as of March 14, 2018***

Well.. time files so fast, that we’re now down to 6 months left! We aren’t even done adjusting to the changes that comes with our new relationship status, and I haven’t even updated all my government records. HAHA!

***UPDATE as of November 11, 2018***

As we are now at the post-wedding stage, I haven’t picked up my wedding gown from the dry cleaner even. Haha! So updating the blog really will take a long time. I hope you’ll all be patient.

I’m gonna go down to details one by one, so I can help other couples with their planning in the future..  Enjoy!


Mrs. Sajor ❤

14 Days of Last Minute Preparations

Alright. When we say its 14 days, it means 2 weeks, right?

In short, We are finally doing it in 2 weeks, and I can’t help but cram!

Inhale.. Exhale. Okay. Push.

So much has been happening recently. It just happened so fast! But basically our last month of preparations sums up to details. Smallest and yet the most important ones.

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45 Days. WHAT?!

These days, time flies so fast. I almost didn’t feel the months passing by. It feels like just days and its still a surprise to me that we are down to 45 days left! WHOA.

That is a a month and 2 weeks worth, if you want to stress me out even more. LOL.
I am a bridezilla no more, but looks like my health has been stressed out and is demanding me to take it slow, considering the time constraint.

Having the things that I need for the event in mind, I think there is nothing else being missed out, except the unfinished DIY’s, which I cannot show you guys as of now because that should remain as a secret until the event ends.

But nevertheless, giveaways, invitations and other printables are all DIY’s. These are all remaining to be completed before the end of the month. Finishing the invitations means completion also if distributing them. It’s because we print it out as needed. Since we manage the event on top of our day to day activities, and we give out invitations on a group of people each weekend, we do them after work hours and then give them away during the weekends.

Photography, Videography Lights and Sounds and Streaming Services

54 Days Left.

Last time I went here we are at 62 and now were down to 54.


I just went back from a whole day of sick leave to refresh my thoughts from the past weeks which I admit were physically and emotionally draining.

There were also other unexpected circumstances which arised, and it dragged my energy
down to its lowest. Sometimes I wish I was wonderwoman so I can replenish my powers as soon as I wanted to.

Special Agreement with Photo and Video Teams

We never wanted to end a special event without having a memorabilia from it. Of course
there will be photos from friends, from loved ones, but of course an official photo and video coverage is indeed necessary. Since we already have suppliers to do this for your church wedding, we just agreed to have our civil wedding covered by them as well, in lieu of the prenup photography shoot, which we can forego as we already have a lot of photos to use and we don’t see the necessity of a prenup at all. This way, we are also able to see the quality of their work before the bigger day. Perhaps things really happen for a reason.

Our photography coverage will be done by our good friend, Robert Regala from Vigan,
and Videography will be provided by KAGO Photography and Films. We are lucky to have these talents provide our photo and video needs for one special day, at a rate that is more than of a friendly one. I guess we are very lucky with all of our suppliers.

*Update as of March 19, 2018*

Our Photos were undeniably good and Kuya Robert was able to capture most of the important moments that has to be immortalized. Special props to his initiative to take more photos before our videographer arrives. The videographer arrived more than 45 minutes later than the call time because of the traffic and challenges that they encountered on getting to the venue. Leaving our photographer do all the work from the start. Nevertheless, they were still able to capture what they had to capture so we still paid them enough for getting the job done.

Peso Power:

Photo: PHP 3000

Video: PHP 6600

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